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Kabuo Miyamoto stands accused of killing Carl Heine, Jr., the son of Etta Heine, who essentially stole the land that the Miyamoto's were about to finish buying before they were shipped to the Manzanar concentration camp in 1942. was found in his own fishing net, drowned and with his skull stove in, and Miyamoto's was the closest boat.In addition, Carl's blood is on Miyamoto's gaff, one of his lines is found tied to a cleat on Miyamoto's boat and Miyamoto refuses to explain these anomalies.

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And it is especially important to recall that it was the act of two of the deities of 20th century American Liberalism--FDR and Earl Warren.

This is instructive both for what it tells us about the men, that just like Bull Connor or Lester Maddox they placed their own political interests ahead of human rights, as well as for what it tells us about the terror a democracy is capable of imposing.

But it is just so intellectually lazy and morally flaccid that it's hard to recommend it.

by David Guterson is set in 1954 and is a story of love, tragedy, and deception.

Now it appears that he may be the only thing that stands between Miyamoto and a guilty verdict.

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There is really no way to avoid the fact that only the Jim Crow laws compare to the Internment of the Japanese during World War II as the low point for civil rights in this country.

Everything in the book is predictable from the moment you read the dust jacket.

The only interest remaining is the forlorn hope that you're wrong and there's some plot twist coming.

But in 1954 a local fisherman is found suspiciously Gripping, tragic, and densely atmospheric—a masterpiece of suspense which leaves us shaken and changed.

But in 1954 a local fisherman is found suspiciously drowned, and a Japanese American named Kabuo Miyamoto is charged with his murder.


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