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Self-esteem gives you the confidence to succeed and without it you are simply placing limitations on yourself. Life is no fun if you spend it hating yourself; this stifles any progress you hope to make.Once your confidence is up, you will stop making the terrible mistake of comparing yourself to others.Understanding other people is a tall order because everybody is different—but that’s what makes life worthwhile: our time on this planet would be mundane if we all had the same personalities, desires, values, and beliefs.

You will already be comfortable and happy with who you are.

When you love yourself, you take pride in who you and what you have to offer.

If you do not understand how to appreciate yourself and your worth, how do you expect others to? In order for yours to flourish, you need to work on yourself first.

People accept sh*tty jobs and relationships because they do not respect themselves enough to realize they deserve better.

This is fundamental to personal growth and a concept too many people do not realize.

Yet many arguments, especially with people we love, are birthed from simple misunderstandings that are blown out of proportion.This type of fervent, unwavering certitude is rarely a good idea—even if you are “right”—because it discounts the other person’s thoughts and feelings, which leads to defensive posturing, which leads to arguing, which leads to discontentment, which leads to further posturing, misunderstandings, arguments, discontentment. To avoid this spiral of misunderstanding—and eventually arrive at a place of shared contentment—we must avoid acting on impulse, and we must instead work through the four stages of understanding others: Tolerate. If someone’s behavior seems bothersome, it is best to avoid the knee-jerk reactions of fight or flight, and instead find ways to tolerate their differences.For example, let’s say you’re an aspiring minimalist, but your partner is an enthusiastic collector—a clear dichotomy of beliefs.We are all influenced by a number of things, such as our upbringing, our culture, parental views.Put yourself in your friends’ shoes and try to ask if you’d believe the same things if you'd had the same experiences as them.You need to reinforce your positive qualities and actively try to fix your negative qualities.When everything else in the world fails you, you will always have your self-respect to fall back on.Arguments are more likely to happen, not because you have different opinions, but because of how you put them forward. Even if you don't agree about the issue at hand, don't resort to putting your friend down to get your point across.Being rude and overly dismissive of your friend's opinion will only result in them getting annoyed at you. Ask yourself, is the issue really worth falling out over?This does not come easy so a conscious effort must be consistently made on a day-to-day basis.A lack of self-respect can, and most often does, result in depression and self-destructive behaviors.


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