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The movie highlights the relationships of the black and white people, and how they learned to interact with each other in a time when this was not the way of life.It brings up a number of questions throughout, of what is right and what is wrong, and really challenges the characters, making it a very interesting movie to watch.

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Remember the Titans is a movie that strongly depicts leadership, thus showing a leader in action.

This movie displays how a group of football players can bring a town to realize that someone should not be judged by the color of their skin.

Now that the teams have integrated, there really is not enough room for all the coaches, and it seems like each group is looking out for their ‘own.’ Coach Boone also has his assistant working with him, so now this makes four different coaches for T. The year was when there were no racial mixings in the schools.

The movie starts practically the day that the announcement of desegregation was going to come into action.

With the help of Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington, a group of high school boys turn from enemies to great friends.

This movie displayed a very captivating act of how America’s past is a vital time in our history and must never be forgotten.

If a group of high school boys can change the mind of an entire town, then I know I can also be successful.

Remember the Titans is a film from 2000 displaying a true story of a racially divided football team from the 1970s.

Being a team captain requires leadership skills to do the captain job, but in their case it was much harder because of the race conflicts.

They would set examples for the entire team to follow, causing the team to be the best they could be.


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