Essay On Prevention Of Corruption In Public Life

According to the latest GCB for Africa, very few Mauritians who accessed public services, like health care and education, had to pay a bribe for those services.

But given recent scandals, citizens still see certain groups and institutions as corrupt.

In our own country some people in high positions lave been charged for it.

A corrupt person is termed immoral, dishonest and unscrupulous in his dealings.

What do we do when those mandated to protect us are serving other interests than public safety and security?

In South Africa, police corruption leaves the public exposed to high rates of crime, and causes distrust of the police service while allowing crime to flourish.

Major financial centres urgently need to put in place ways to stop their banks and cooperating offshore financial centres from absorbing illicit flows of money.

th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which requires EU member-states to create registers of the beneficial owners of companies established within their borders.

However, the directive does not require these registers to be made public.

Similarly, the Norwegian, UK, and Ukrainian governments have all approved legislation requiring companies to disclose information about their owners, although these have yet to come into force.


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