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The desire to attain tribal lands often led people in power to ignore treaties and look the other way as Indians were unlawfully and unfairly removed from their locations.In 1851, the United States government began to introduce a Concentration Policy.

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This flawed federal aid program furthered the Indians’ resentment toward white society and created an atmosphere of conflict. territories from Indians was predominantly fought by Civil War veterans, including a significant number of black men who were assigned to a fighting group called the Buffalo Regiment. Miners overtook their area and pushed the tribes into a desolate locale. Chivington ordered his troops to slaughter the Indian men, women, and children to flaunt their dominance over the natives.

Warfare was constant between whites and Indians in the late nineteenth century, as Native Americans fought to protect their land and their heritage from white encroachment. As the dust settled from the Civil War, soldiers from both sides of that conflict were ready to step into another fray. The approximately 400 Indians living in this area believed they had been granted immunity and protective custody by the United States government when Colonel J. The gold rush also led to another legendary conflict.

Initially, Indians were “allowed” to remain on this land, although the federal government made attempts to regulate their habitation. This dual—albeit contradictory—perspective, required that treaties negotiated with Indian tribes be ratified by the U. White settlers recognized that the Indians inhabited land that could be beneficial to agriculture, settlement, and other endeavors.

In an effort to obtain these native lands, tribes were often victimized, sometimes by the very people that the Senate had put in charge of protecting them.

This strategy would provide white settlers with the most productive lands and relocate Indians to areas north and south of white settlements.

Over the next decade, Indians were evicted from their land to make way for a white society.

The federal government established the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in 1836 to be in charge of the relocated Indians.

Illustrating the government’s sentiment toward Indians, this bureau was initially placed under the Department of War, and one of its primary responsibilities was to prevent Indian military action against whites.

This lack of Indian unity contributed to the losses they suffered at the hands of the white society.

When European settlers began to inhabit the Atlantic Coast, Indians native to that region spread westward—often encroaching on other tribes.


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