Essay On My Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing

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While writing the essay I was scared to get out of topic and write about something else I wasn’t supposed to write about.

Another thing that would happen to me was that suddenly my mind would go blank and wouldn’t be able to think about what else I could write about.

My Personal Strength and Weaknesses The most common thing employees will ask a potential employee in an interview is “What are some of your common strengths and weaknesses?

” I despise this question simply because thinking about my strengths and weaknesses is not something I randomly stop and think about too often.

As a result I feel that recognizing both my strength and weaknesses has not only helped me with what I need to work on in my college career, but also in the workplace.

I plan on taking my weaknesses and hopefully turn them in to strengths, and I also plan on taking my strength and using it to help me in the future.

I know that writing is stressed to be important in my career choice, so taking a workshop to improve my writing skills will help me in the future.

Nevertheless, I know that my academic writing will differ from the writing I will be expected to do in my areer choice, so it would help me significantly if I took the time to re-read Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Your College Experience: Strategies of Success.

I had to read the essay topic over and over again to understand what it was asking for.

I would worry that I wouldn’t understand the topic correctly.


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