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It is important that students pick subjects that they are interested in because they need to be motivated, inspired and be passionate about the career they are aiming to pursue.Following are the stages at which students have to make a career development choice.

The majors they have to choose from are, Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Commerce, Fine Arts, General Science, and Computer Science.

• Bachelors Degree It is again highly recommended to seek career counseling for bachelor’s degree even before the intermediate examinations.

Different studies and experts in career counseling reveal that the absence of career guidance is the main source of students dropping out and failing in their examinations and the larger portion of the rest of them are unsatisfied with their career choice.

Students of Pakistan are met with three stages of major choices that could lead towards different careers.

This leads towards students picking the wrong career path and instead of feeling inspired and motivated towards their jobs or majors, rather they face difficulties and complications in comprehending the field that they have picked for themselves, which not only demotivates them but, also extinguishes the fire of progression in them.

Although there has been a significant change in variations of jobs of different natures in the past few years, still the youth is not having access of the proper knowledge and still being in the mist of a guessing game of decisions, which leads a student towards apprehending the wrong career path that further leads towards the road of demotivation.Career development is built upon the choices and paths you take to surround you with the profession you want to pursue.Career development is not based on a single decision of choosing field or major you are going to adhere, instead, it is based on the different interests, financial status, and the different choices that will shape your future, leading towards different career paths.Furthermore, it also educates you about the required skills that are needed for certain majors.Therefore, career counseling is considered as important as education is.Therefore, it is highly advised and urged to seek career counseling at this stage.So that they can evaluate and choose from the options, carefully.That is largely because of the lack of availability of career counselors in different institutes and colleges.Students in Pakistan tend to make decisions based on what their peers and elders recommend which makes them confuse and puts them in a dilemma where they cannot think for themselves anymore.60% of students were unsuccessful in the field of Arts with only 39.73% of regular students passing the exam and the successful percentage of students in the field of commerce is 43.69% in the year 2016.The examination controller of the Karachi educational board mentioned about the bland and misunderstood situation “It is sad to see that since the last six years, even 50% of the total students in the commerce section have failed to pass”.


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