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For positive side, scholars argue that globalization of capital contributes positively to the universality of human rights as it permits a flow of capital to the most productive and resourceful business projects.

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Overseas contributions, ranging from Eastern Europe to South Africa, via North America and Australasia, illustrate the pitfalls of importing other constitutional models.

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Globalization of capital in addition is believed to have remarkably developed and increased attention to women’s rights and “incorporation of “women’s human rights” into the human rights discourse” (Moghadam 2005).

It has also created economical opportunities for women.

There are, however, very considerable doubts about the wisdom of these developments within the democratic tradition of government which remain unanswered.

This book endorses the importance of human rights within any democratic system of government, but questions whether the primary responsibility for the articulation of these rights ought to be taken away from the normal political processes of representative government; it also considers the constitutional implications of doing so.

Working with the definition cited by Allan (2009), that sees Globalization as process that turns the whole world into “one global village” in which all peoples are increasingly interconnected and all the fences or barriers are removed, so that the world witnesses a new state of fast and free flow of people, capital, goods and ideas.

One will say that globalization has positively contributed to human rights, as these processes allows non governmental actors to be involved with transnational social movement networks, increasing consciousness and information politics that have potential to address both traditional and emerging forms of human rights violation.

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