Essay On Human Rights In Islam

Essay On Human Rights In Islam-3
People and political parties talk of human rights but in practice there are flagrant violations of them.Death in police custody and fake encounters is an example of such violations.

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In its various sessions held from time to time in Geneva, it adopts various measures to encourage worldwide observations of these basic human rights and freedoms.

It calls on its members to give information regarding measures complied with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights whenever there is a complaint of violation of these rights.

Then there are political rights which entitle a person to contest an election and to vote freely, without any fear for a candidate of his or her choice.

Human rights and their implementation, practice and protection are a benchmark of a truly developed, civilized and democratic society.

Human rights pre-suppose a rule of law where all the citizens follow a code of conduct and behaviour for the good of all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, social status, region etc.

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It is the sense of duty, tolerance, mutual participation that lends meaning and sense to the rights.

Deaths in police custody, sex-apartheid, child-abuse, political killings are very common which have very much degraded the quality of human life. The massive violation of human rights throughout the world is a matter of great shame for the entire humanity.

Violation and denial of human rights by states is very dangerous and often gives to revolutions. Human rights are the rights to which an individual has a just right as a human being.

Similarly, in the western countries there prevail all sorts of discrimination and violation of human rights. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, women are being denied their basic rights and freedoms.

They are flogged and stoned to death publicity without any fair judicial trial on false and fabricated charges.


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