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So when you’re out and about, slow down and keep an eye out for wildlife. Never buy furniture made from wood from rainforests.Recycle your cell phones, because a mineral used in cell phones and other electronics is mined in gorilla habitat.But sometimes the souvenirs are made from species nearing extinction.

Endangered species habitat should be protected and these impacts minimized.

By protecting habitat, entire communities of animals and plants can be protected together.

Reduce your use of water in your home and garden so that animals that live in or near water can have a better chance of survival.

Disinfect bird baths often to avoid disease transmission. Millions of birds die every year because of collisions with windows.

Attracting native insects like bees and butterflies can help pollinate your plants.

The spread of non-native species has greatly impacted native populations around the world.Join the Endangered Species Coalition Activist Network to stay involved.Common Name: Royal Bengal Tiger Scientific Name: Panthera tigris tigris Adopted in: 1972 Found in: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka Habitat: Grasslands, forests, mangrove vegetation Eating Habits: Carnivorous Average weight: Male – 220 Kg; Female – 140 Kg Average Length: Male – upto 3 m; Female - upto 2.6 m Average Lifespan: 8-10 years in wild Average Speed: 60km/h Conservation Status: Endangered (IUCN Red List) Current number: 2500 in 2016 A national animal is one of the symbolic representatives of a country’s natural abundance. The national animal may be selected based on how well it represents certain characteristics that a country wants to be identified with.It has to have a rich history as part of the country’s heritage and culture.The animal should be in abundance within the country.Our natural world provides us with many indispensable services including clean air and water, food and medicinal sources, commercial, aesthetic and recreational benefits.For more information about endangered species, visit gov and join our activist network to receive updates and action alerts. Visit a national wildlife refuge, park or other open space .Also, be careful of products including fur from tigers, polar bears, sea otters and other endangered wildlife, crocodile skin, live monkeys or apes, most live birds including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and finches, some live snakes, turtles and lizards, some orchids, cacti and cycads, medicinal products made from rhinos, tiger or Asiatic black bear. Don’t participate in this activity, and report it as soon as you see it to your local state or federal wildlife enforcement office. Perhaps the greatest threat that faces many species is the widespread destruction of habitat.You can find a list of state wildlife departments at https://gov/offices/ Scientists tell us the best way to protect endangered species is to protect the special places where they live.Get involved by volunteering at your local nature center or wildlife refuge. Wildlife related recreation creates millions of jobs and supports local businesses.To find a wildlife refuge near you, visit gov/refuges/ To find a park near you, visit gov To find a zoo near you, visit org 3. Secure garbage in shelters or cans with locking lids, feed pets indoors and lock pet doors at night to avoid attracting wild animals into your home.


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