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It was beautiful, I was witnessing a true artistic vision.

This film showcases the inerrant flaw of being human, of being nothing more than dogs.

Nicole Kidman plays Grace, a woman on the run from criminals who hides out in the tranquil town of Dogville.

After a few years I had immersed myself in most of his works, and I grew to just understand where he was coming from.

As of now I view Dogville and Manderlay is a single film, and these two parts are the beginning of a trilogy all about Von Trier’s evolving understanding of our universe.

If humans are evil by their nature, this could be proof that the main constant of existence is chaos.

This movie moves us through the grieving process after a tragedy and a profound realization.

The citizens of Dogville agree to keep her in hiding, but just having the status of being an outsider provokes contempt and abuse from just about everyone.

The social dynamics at play here between the characters are fascinating.

I always understood that my interpretation was paramount, and I owned my reaction completely.

I didn’t like the idea of somebody else manipulating my own likings and dislikings.


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