Essay On Discipline For Class 2

Essay On Discipline For Class 2-60
Therefore, when we talk of discipline, we only concern humans and human institutions.For this purpose, however, examples can be cited from the non-human world.

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Likewise, every member of the animal world strictly obeys the rules that it is supposed to obey to be in harmony with the system it interacts with.

From these and various other unmentioned examples, we can easily conclude that discipline is imposed on us by nature herself.

And this is equally important for both humans and non-humans.

But, fortunately, Nature has automatized the obedience to these rules for the nonhuman world.

If there is no discipline in one’s life, he is sure to fail. He has to obey some rules and regulations of society. Discipline is the prerequisite of happy and planned life. It is an ornament of human life and the key to success. The sun, the moon, the planets, and even tiny insects follow the rule of nature. The planets move around the sun in a disciplined way.

The seasons of the years come one after another in regular turns.

It is necessary at home, schools, colleges, and office.

We have to have discipline in every walk of our life. Every soldier must follow certain rules and obey the orders of the commander. So, it is necessary that we practice discipline from our childhood.

All creations human or non-human-have to maintain some rules and regulations to match with the entire system with which they interact.

If they did not maintain those rules, there would be in the system they belong to.


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