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The cities, towns, large buildings have been erected by means of labour. Labour in social life: In social life also, labor has many benefits.

The cities, towns, large buildings have been erected by means of labour. Labour in social life: In social life also, labor has many benefits.

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kinds of labor: Labour is of two kinds-physical labor and mental labor indicates the work of our brain. Both have dignity and honor Labour and mentality: We have to work. These countries have occupied the highest position by means of labor.

LAbour in developed countries: In developed countries, labor is given higher dignity.

Dignity of labour is recognising the nobility of performing a task and not demeaning it, it is the quality of recognising the importance of labour and not classifying it by its nature.

Dignity in labour is recognising and honouring the task one is performing.

The young scion had just returned from abroad after completing his studies and was brimming with ideas.

He expressed his desire to do something for his country before he joined the family business.Bapu accepted him into his ashram and told him that he must clean the latrines from the next day.Being obedient the young man performed the task assigned to him.Bapus reasoning for this kind of initiation was that this would strip the person of any residual ego and make them humble enough to be able to recognise truth and be prepared to serve the weakest and the poorest.Every Satyagrahi went through this initiation, which is the reason why even today when one meets a freedom fighter or a true Gandhian the first thing one notices is their dignity and humility. One of Bapus close associates, a rich industrialist one day brought his son to meet Bapu.If performing a task is seen as ones duty (dharma), if it is performed as a form of worship, then every task becomes important and sacred.Then one will never allow it to be corrupted or become a subject of contempt or do it inefficiently. An idle man can not in life He has to depend on others. Our duty: We have to work hard we should use our time we must not neglect or abhor any type of work. Labour in our country: We are very adverse to both type of work. our educated people deem physical labor prestigious. No work is can get excellence in every field by means of labor. Idleness begets depression, frustration, and failures. The intellectuals and scientists have become memorable because of their labor. They came upon a very narrow bridge which allowed only one person at a time to cross.When the Emperor and his entourage reached the bridge, a labourer carrying a heavy load had just got on to it from the other side. One of the Generals accompanying Napoleon shouted at the labourer and ordered him to get off the bridge and allow the Emperor to pass.


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