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Although the Art Deco movement borrowed from many of Art Noveau’s organic motifs, it factored in new and pointedly geometric ones like feathers, palm fronds, and other spire-like leaves.These Art Deco prints were used in excess on floors, walls, and vintage Art Deco furniture and Art Deco lighting.

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Art Deco Lighting From Art Deco wall sconces to Art Deco chandeliers, lighting was of paramount importance in the Art Deco era—and it shows.

Among the things we love most about Art Deco lighting is how easily it can merge with contemporary trends like subway tile and marble.

To keep your cart feeling like a legitimate ode to Art Deco, opt for a cart in a chrome finish or a highly-polished wood (extra points for inlays! Dress it with your favorite libations and the era’s natural-born icon: the coupe.

Lastly, hang an Art Deco mirror over the top to reflect all of those pretty bottles of booze.

Floors especially, reaped the benefits of the trend, leading to marble and wood floors laid in dizzying, kaleidoscopic patterns.

For those who weren’t in the market for entirely new floors, Art Deco rugs fit the bill nicely.

Art Deco rugs showcased pulsing, rhythmic patterns (just check out any Chinese Deco rug for the world’s quickest demo).

Further differentiating Art Deco style from Art Noveau style was its penchant for the exotic.

ART DECO TRENDS WE’RE CURRENTLY LOVINGWhile we love the theatrical style of vintage Art Deco furniture, it can (admittedly) be a bit polarizing.

Buy one piece of Art Deco furniture and it can leave you wondering what really matches with a vintage Art Deco sofa beyond an Art Deco chair, Art Deco coffee tables, and Art Deco chandelier?


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