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Churchill envisioned that in the not-so-distant future travel to the moon, Venus, or Mars would be possible, and he also considered the possibility of there being other planetary systems with extrasolar planets the right sizes and distances from their suns to maintain habitable conditions.“Hundreds of thousands of nebulae, each containing thousands and millions of suns,” he writes, “the odds are enormous that there must be immense numbers which possess planets whose circumstances would not render life impossible.”His views align with several research angles pursued in modern times.Scientists have explored the presence of water on ancient Venus, Mars, Europa, and other ocean worlds.

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Secondly, life needs certain things to form; these are called CHNOPS and these are found in other places besides earth.

Thirdly, people have reported alien sightings on earth, and this too suggests that we are not alone. The universe is made out of 21% dark matter, 4% normal matter and 74% dark energy and has more than 500 trillion galaxies.

Image source: Library of Congress (via Wikimedia Commons)An essay by Winston Churchill, written in 1939 and revised in 1950, has been rediscovered, and reveals how the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom—who was also a science enthusiast—hypothesized on the possibility of life in the universe in much the same way that astrobiologists have today.

This connection was made by Mario Livio, astrophysicist and author, who examined the manuscript housed in the US National Churchill Museum archives and published his discoveries in Nature.

How is it possible that we convince ourselves "there is no life on other planets" when we do not know that life exists under our feet and it is waiting to be discovered?

For most people alien life refers to intelligent beings, which are technologically and intellectually more advanced then humans.

Firstly, universe is expanding every second since the birth of the universe. Each galaxy typically has more than〖 10 billion〗^2 stars.

It was first a tiny spec of high concentrated mass and energy, something triggered it to explode. Each star has more than 1 planet or none sometimes.

Day after day, we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by life.

Most of us encounter life in the human form; when we go to school, to work or to the supermarket.


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