Essay On 14 1947

Essay On 14 1947-26
Independence is truly no lesser than a great blessing.You can freely feel a sense of independence and freedom while breathing under the fresh air.

The generations of us shall stand truly thankful to the blood of these leaders.

Respected sir, Pakistan as a state shall continue to stand with pride in the comity of nations.

True it is, behind all of those sacrifices and struggles for unity and free land was the blessing of Almighty Allah.

Today’s 14th August marks the 75th anniversary of our Independence.

let’s stand against, injustice, ignorance, anarchy, poverty, corruption, and unemployment.

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Let’s work, let’s unite, let’s turn into such a sublime and solid entity that should embitter and spoil every nefarious tactic of our faceless foes.

Today merely chanting slogans don’t suffice to us, there lies a higher responsibility on our shoulders, we have to discharge our duties diligently in order to get rid of incessant crises and uncertainties.

Let’s help our brothers, our sisters and help our countrymen selflessly.

Dear sir, It is quite disheartening to state that our land is facing numerous challenges. To our youth brothers and sisters sitting here, we have to work out against all of these challenges.

Poverty, terrorism, unemployment, youth frustrations, resources mismanagement, and corruption are to name a few. Being guardians of freedom we are responsible for working for tomorrow. We have to stand against all of those big problems being faced by our motherland.


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