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The project seeks to identify signs of past readers in library books, such as marginalia, inscriptions, and insertions.After four years as co-chair, I can say that I am as excited about the libraries as I was from day one.The libraries have become even more than just a place to study—Alderman has become my place of work.I was a first year—new to the University and unaware of the importance of a college library system, and I was taking a class that endeavored to answer that very question.“Why Libraries Matter” was the College Advising Seminar that I had every Wednesday with professor Andrew Stauffer, and from that simple one credit class I learned so much about the importance of libraries to not only UVA, but to me as an actively learning mind. Jefferson’s University was a library—the Rotunda—rather than a church, which was revolutionary in the early 1800s. Jefferson was an avid reader; in a letter to John Adams, he said, “I cannot live without books.” In his time, a library was a place to store those books, to be accessed at any time in order to expand the limits of the human mind.I had been discussing my difficulties getting involved with professor Stauffer, my advisor and COLA instructor.He told me about a group called “Library Council” that needed some help tabling in the next week .For most students, the libraries as a space are a place for social interaction and focused work.There’s something about being surrounded entirely by books that makes me want to get down to work and write my paper now instead of later.By the time I left the meeting, I had volunteered to be the co-chair of the council and had gotten a t-shirt with the separated V and the word “Library” on the back. I had learned through Library Council that it was possible to reserve library rooms for study groups.A month before finals, I worked out a schedule where I would have three rooms reserved for three hours at a time in Alderman, Brown, and Clemons.


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