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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography Natural resources and environmental concerns have been prevalent not only in India, but in other countries of the world as well, but in most cases, India has been the major country that has experienced the depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation.In this research manuscript, main focus has been laid upon India; India is the most populous country in the world and with the impact of population explosion, there is exhaustion of natural resources and environmental degradation.

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As we were discussing above that Pakistan depends on farming and farming without water is nothing.

Pakistan has exceptional irrigation network all over the world and this network helps the farmers to produce the crop in huge amount.

Moreover bituminous, sub bituminous and as well as lignite coal was been discovered in the province of Punjab and according the statistical the estimated value of these natural resources about billions of dollars because the quantity of coal is more than 180 billion tons.

The proper use of this reward can make about 600 billion barrels crude oil and thus Pakistan can make place in the top four countries that have much crude oil.

As we said that the other name of coal is black gold and reason behind saying is that it has much importance.

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The main resources areas of coal are as Lakhra, Sonda, Thatta, Jherruck and Thar.

The problem is that since the creation of Pakistan it has been really unfortunate that Pakistan is unable to find the real leader of politician who thinks about the development & prosperity of country.

Everyone comes into powers with the help of votes of the people with the thoughts of making money.

There are many benefits of forests and one of them is to provide the raw material to the industries and factories i.e. The other major benefit of forest is to provide the job opportunities as this time many people are earning their livelihood connected to forest department across the country.

Minerals and Power resources are exceptional for the development of economic of any country and Pakistan is very rich country in the field of minerals and power resources. Why the people of Pakistan are wondering about for job employment?


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