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In such private affairs, one must obey rather than argue.When such consequences are not in play, however, Kant argues that everyone not only has the right, but the duty to act as a Scholar for the community of the unenlightened to argue the point rather than blindly obey the order.Kant answers that such a situation would be null and void as it is represents a conspiracy to deny the application of enlightened thought to future generations who would forever be ceaselessly bound to an outdated and archaic bond existing solely for the purpose of creating a perpetual guardianship.

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This quote from Kant is extracted from a short but important piece of political philosophy of Kant.

(It is worth nothing that guardians can be either enlightened or unenlightened).

The power of the guardians to rule over the unenlightened is not accomplished through force, but coercion.

” Nevertheless this process of emancipation from tutors is easier to conquer collectively and individually.

That is why the unraveling of a people is suspended on one condition: that the public use of reason, free flow of ideas and opinions, either verbally or in writing, be erected in “sacred right of humanity “.

Thus, the Enlightenment is precisely an appeal to men to become adults, giving them access to self-judgment.

Freed from the “precepts”and “formulas” and became sole masters of their reason, they can think for themselves, “walk alone”with an “uninsured.

At this point he raises the metaphor of the Scholar which is an appellation applied to the circumstances in which a person can use reason to argue against unenlightened thought in public when doing so does not become conduct which presents a danger to others.

For instance, if a soldier were to disobey and order and argue against its status as an enlightened approach while on duty in a situation where refusing to obey the order has consequences on the lives of others, this would not be acting as a Scholar for the community.


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