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At the telegraph office there's the selflessly compassionate Mr. Macauley and oldest sister Bess who, with her friend Mary Arena, takes pity on a visiting trio of soldiers and joins them on a date at the movies.Then there are the two very different shop owners, the worldly and infinitely generous Mr. Covington, and a wide selection of characters at Homer's school. Byfield (the manipulative athletic coach), Miss Hicks (the spinster teacher with a surprising perspective on detention) and Mr.

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Macauley, who visits his wife as a ghost, offering compassion and warnings of a future in which Marcus is killed.

Several times in the book, narration and characters both comment on an essential loneliness at the core of human existence in general and of every individual life.

Balzac was a really fast writer, he wrote all that in 21 years. Well, about four hours of sleep a night and a lot of coffee. When you have produced the finest grind with the least water possible, you double the dose by drinking two cups at a time; particularly vigorous constitutions can tolerate three cups.

In fact, in one night Balzac penned the 14,000 word story of The Illustrious Gaudissart putting him at a rate of 33.3 words per minute. He loved coffee so much, he wrote an essay about it entitled, he told his doctor when warned of the dangers of his habit. In this manner one can continue working for several more days.”Not so bad, right?

Ek (the principle, more interested in doing the right thing than in being popular with either his faculty or the parents).

In terms of classmates, Homer has encounters with the well-off Hubert, the beautiful but aloof Helen, and the amusing Joe.Soon afterwards, however, his older brother Homer, on one of his earliest deliveries as a telegraph boy, passes on news of her son's death to a suddenly (and perhaps understandably) traumatized middle-aged woman.On their journeys throughout their hometown and through the next couple of days, Homer and Ulysses both encounter vividly portrayed characters who, one way or another, educate them about the ways of the world. At home, there's the gently grieving (and profoundly wise) Mrs.Through all of this, Homer Macauley essentially becomes a man - not physically, as he's some time away from going through puberty, but emotionally and spiritually, with a lived awareness of what it takes or costs to live and die in this world.The biggest test comes when he is given a telegram to deliver to his own home - a telegram announcing Marcus's death.Honore de Balzac, the famous 19th century author and playwright is known for his vivid representations of society, but his fame didn’t come overnight. Let’s take a look at some things he failed at starting in 1819:- a series of unsuccessful plays- mystical author-gothic author-historical author-humorous author-publisher-printer-type founder Wow, that’s an impressive list.As a matter of fact his failed novels totaled 30 before he finally found success. “really took off, selling out shortly after its release.There are also telling glimpses of a couple of outsiders (word traveler Rosalie Sims-Pibity and the mysterious, chilling Mr.Mechano), several townspeople (including the taciturn Big Chris, the flamboyant Diana Steed and the amused Mr.Henderson, who lets Auggie and his friends steal apricots from his tree.Most importantly, there are the absent members of the Macauley family - elder son Marcus (engaged to Mary Arena and about to go fight in the war) and the dead Mr.


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