Essay For Studying Abroad

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Remember you can always apply to a ‘reach’ school that may extend an offer based on your other talents and abilities. Now it is time to write the important personal statement for your application.

My next post will offer suggestions for a compelling essay that will be memorable to the reader.

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And what does an international student offer the university?

Some quotes from a few selected university websites below highlight the appeal of international students that fuels many schools’ commitments to seek diversity in the student body.Decide what you want to study and then research the schools that are known for offering those degrees, such as Journalism at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and UC Berkeley or Foreign Service degrees at Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins or the London School of Economics.If you want a top-quality liberal arts education that lets you declare your major after a few semesters of classes, look at schools that have a solid reputation for academics in areas that interest you.As an international student, you contribute to that valued diversity.The next step is to think about your career goals and to choose a major.Then, compare how well your credentials match the school’s ‘average student profile’ to determine if it is a good fit for you.Finally, apply to schools with relatively large percentages of international students because they are likely to offer you extensive support and resources on campus.International students usually cite the quality of the educational system, the opportunity to experience a different culture, notably the American lifestyle, state-of-the-art technology in classrooms and research labs, top-quality faculty, global professional networking potential, and exposure to a broad perspective of the world.The United States currently has the largest percentage of top-ranked universities in the world and, at about 5300, the greatest total number of universities and colleges, according to the Washington Post.If you already have chosen a major, search for schools that have well-respected programs in that discipline, such as business or political science or engineering.Again, review each school’s GPA and test score requirements to find the best matches for you.


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