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A great college essay introduction is key to making your essay stand out, so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right.Luckily, being able to craft the perfect beginning for your admissions essay is just like many other writing skills—something you can get better at with practice and by learning from examples.I could do the impossible for them, even sneak in contraband just to please them. I have always believed in discipline and hard work like ingredients in the recipe to achieve my goals and aspirations.

People have different beliefs and values that form the pillar of their life.

If you’ve been sitting in front of a blank screen, unsure of exactly how to start a personal statement for college, then believe me—I feel your pain.

Just as your college essay is your chance to introduce yourself to the admissions office of your target college, your essay's beginning is your chance to introduce your writing.

In general, college essays make it easier to get to know the parts of you in your transcript—these include your personality, outlook on life, passions, and experiences.

We'll also look at several great examples of essay beginnings and explain why they work, how they work, and what you can learn from them.

Before we talk about how to start a college essay, let's discuss the role of the introduction.It's vital to grab attention from the get-go—the more awake and eager your audience is, the more likely it is that what you say will really land.How do you go about crafting an introduction that successfully hooks your reader?Let’s talk about how to structure the beginning of your college essay.To see how the introduction fits into an essay, let's look at the big structural picture first and then zoom in.These beliefs and values have always been at the back of mind this far I have come through the course of my life.I wouldn’t say in any way whatsoever that I am a perfect being. Consistently, they told me that the beauty of life is experienced fully only by those who work hard. I had everything I required: good food, clothes, shoes, and a roof over my head, private school education, and healthcare. Now, I am a young lady, soon getting done with my studies and starting a new life without my parents’ financial support. It never crossed my mind what my parents went through to make ends meet. My parents were always calm, even if it was hard for them, at the end of the day they had to provide.I can term these as my core competencies because many people deem it only capable of achieving success through shortcuts.In as much I always strive to achieve the best, I equally understand that not everything planned turns out as expected.


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