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Lyrical essays are often viewed as being closer to stream of consciousness or koan-like riddles than traditional essays.

Yet what we actually experience in reading is a mind free associating, struggling, and failing to come up with something important to say.

We are served up pabulum such as: “Information wants to be free, but what about beauty?

Reading books is a source to beat boredom and defeat loneliness.

It is also a source to resume day with new vigour and enthusiasm.

Statements like these seek to dance between poetry and philosophy but have more in common with the vacuous epigrams found inside Hallmark cards.

And yes, I know there is an audience for this sort of thing.Good books are the light house that enlightens our minds, families, schools and societies.They educate hearts, improve characters, console and delight us.For the sound body, a nourished mind is important and for a nourished mind, book reading it important.People from all walks of life should read because it has great importance, especially for people like politicians, instructors and teachers.”; “Faux fur is cruel by way of reference to cruelty.” I am not taking these statements out of a context in which they “make sense,” for there is no context.Their silliness stands on its own here, just as it does in the paragraphs from which they have been extracted.In , Gabbert presented short takes on a variety of subjects: the self, the body, art, love, and so on.The book was comprised of four-to-eight-sentence paragraphs surrounded by white space, a poetic presentation of thinking set on a pedestal for our examination and edification.It is noted in our society, that even educated people do not like reading books.They try to spend their leisure time with their friends or hanging around without any reason, thus wasting it in unhealthy and frivolous activities.


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