Essay Balancing Work And Life

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This separation of work from life further increased in the era of industrialization where gradually human physical effort was transferred to various machine through the use of power generation and harnessing of power through various means like steam engine to start with and most sophisticated computer controlled automated machines running on fossil fuel, renewable fuels and nuclear power. It provides people with means to earn and contribute to social well being through different ways and spend, splurge and consume more and more which require him to earn evermore.

The rise of standard of life quietly raised the number of hours to maintane and funds that life style. ...amily Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction, and Work-Life Balance/ Communication Reports/ July Dec 2013, Vol.

Learn to say no, and learn how to tell people that you can no longer commit to doing something.

It’s not always easy, but remember that this is your life, and you should do what you really want to do, not what others want you to do.

First the discussion will be about, if Juliet Bourke is correct about the using flexibility concept has gone on some another track.

In earlier time, there was an increased demand of talents but now a days employers are not interested in talent or work.Due to the increased work load, many employees are leaving the job (Richmond., 2008).So to decrease the rate of joblessness in the organizations, many organizations are making many strategies.Observing the flow of the write up, it is clear that Juliet Bourke is not at ease with the “reshaped” argument for flexibility is on progress.According to Juliet, the flexibility at work place, which is intended to reduce overheads and boost the productivity is actually a shift from the target and is not for betterment of the organization (Best., et al., 2003).I think But others could include your favorite hobbies or other passions, ways to relax and have fun, exercise or other outdoor activities, reading and learning, shopping or eating or entertainment, volunteering, or spending time with people who are important to you.There are as many other possibilities as there are people in the world, of course.That might sound familiar to some of you — I’ve certainly been there at different points in my life, although these days I have to say that I’ve found a pretty good balance between all the important things in my life, including work, family, and other things I’m interested in.Norm asked me to write a post about work-life balance, because although I think Norm is pretty happy with his life, he’s interested in expanding his life beyond work.Their main focus is to reduce the work week and arrange the works in more flexible ways so that they can retain the staff (Insights., 2012).So the employers are now reducing the staff to increase the opportunity to create new positions in the company and finding new ways of jobs so that the employees will get enough time to maintain their work life by working flexibly.


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