Essay About Visual Learning Style

To this day, I prefer to sit down and read an article as opposed to listening to a podcast. In many cases they slipped through the cracks, missing out on valuable knowledge and skills because their learning styles weren’t addressed.

It wasn’t until I started my teacher education program that I realized the importance of teaching to different learning styles.

For this reason, I don’t grade first drafts until after they have been peer reviewed (except for timed writings).

I grade peer reviews to ensure students are really thinking about each part of the rubric when they assess their peers.

If a student gives her peer a 5/5 on the hook, when there is no hook, she either did not understand what a hook is or did not really check her peer’s introduction.

This holds students accountable for understanding the rubric while they still have time to make changes to their essays.

The mind map starts with a word or image in the centre and then lines are drawn that branch out from that centre point.

Photo essays are simply sequences of photos that tell a story.

Some students can look at a rubric and understand what is expected, but many need examples.

Sometimes even phrasing requirements differently can help.


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