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We are busy but not busy in things that generate values.Today managers try to make their employees productive at the office.

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The first step in effective time management is analysing how you currently spend your time and deciding how you want to change how you spend your time. There are two modes of time for every person:(a) Either you have a very ‘busy mind, effectively employing human resources, like working, thinking, remembering, reading, writing, watching, discussing, listening etc., in short, fully utilising your senses.

Unless time is managed properly, nothing worthwhile can be accomplished. It is indispensable, intangible, irreplaceable, irretrievable and therefore invaluable. A day of every one consists of 24 hours only, no more and no less. Time without energy has not much value; for instance, if one is seriously ill the time duration of illness is practically useless. Here you are very busy and involved.(b) Or at the other extreme, you have an ’empty mind – for example, whilst waiting for a bus or train, waiting for a doctor or friend, when you do not get sleep or listening to a boring speech or attending meetings – activities in which you are not interested or mentally involved but perforce have to be physically present.

It is essential to maintain equilibrium between biological, social and professional time for improving one’s effectiveness.

Time management is important for students to get high marks.

The focus of learning time management skills is just to develop the habits of spending time wisely.1.

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Students get a minimum of one year time to pass one class.

Examples of Time Wasters are:(i) In fructuous meetings(ii) Poor communication(iii) Unwanted visitors(iv) Disorganised work The basic cause of time wastage at work can be classified as follows:(a) Over-staffing is common cause of wastage of time.

Since most of the people do not have clearly defined work for the whole day, they often obstruct each other and create unnecessary problems.(b) Time is wasted on account of faulty organisation of work.

Though one has to evolve one’s own technique of time management depending on the circumstances, the three cardinal principles are:(a) Span of Attention: There is a natural limit to how long one can concentrate on a particular activity or task.

This is called span of attention.(b) Provisions of time in adequate chunks: If any important work is to be done, time must be made available in sufficiently large chunks.


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