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They may even affect how successful we are in life.

"Verbal- linguistic" is the first of Gardner’s proposed "intelligence’s" (Gardner). This person uses language to express and understand meaning (Gardner 24) Linguistic learners are sensitive to the meaning of words, their order, and their inflection (Gardner 24) This type of person uses writing to express themselves, often through poetry, stories, and letters.

We may even be able to curb negative behavior by reaching students in a different way.

If we implement activities that call upon the use of all these "intelligence’s" (Gardner 2) we will get the best out of all of our students (Santrock 311).

Some activities that appeal to this kind of learner are storytelling, writing essays, joking, debating, story problems, and crossword searches.

These activities will allow the student to use words to learn material and express what they have learned through words.Each individual has the "eight intelligence’s" in various amounts.Our strengths and weaknesses in the"intelligence’s" influence how we learn (Gardner 5).Gardner’s goal is to turn what we normally think of as intelligence into a mere aspect of a much wider range of aptitudes (Traub 1).Most of us believe that doing well in school requires a certain amount of intelligence."Verbal linguistic" (Gardner 24) learners are usually very skilled readers. Oral communication is used often for persuasion and memorization (Gardner 133).They are often eloquent speakers and have wonderfully developed auditory skills.More coursework: 1 - A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I - J | K - L | M | N - O | P - S | T | U - Y Learning Styles Throughout our lives, we are faced with many different learning experiences.Some of these experiences have made a better impact than others. A person’s learning style is the method through which they gain information about their environment.Research is going on all over the world to help explain learning styles.As teachers, it is our responsibility to learn about these different learning styles so that we can appeal to every type of learner in our classrooms.


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