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What is surprising is that none of the current health care proposals make any effort to deal with the supply of health care providers.

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The wrong medicine will certainly not promote the patient’s health, and it may even prove fatal. An understanding of supply and demand is absolutely essential to any discussion of prices. In this regard, medical care is no different than any other product or service.

As we tinker with the health of an entire nation, should we be any less diligent in our diagnosis? Everyone has heard of “supply and demand”, but few people have applied this basic concept to medical care.

This “problem” is the result of a health care system that works relatively well.

A second factor affecting the need for health care stems from the risky lifestyle choices of some members of society.

Before we discuss possible solutions, let’s make sure that we understand the problems and their causes. There would certainly be little or no wait to see a doctor, and prices for an office visit would drop considerably.

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I have identified six factors that contribute substantially to the escalating cost of America’s health care. The increased supply creates better availability and reduced prices.

Although this article was written over a decade ago, we feel that it is still timely and relevant to the health care crisis that is once again front-page news in America.

We hope this re-publishing will be of educational benefit to our current readership.

We will also look at the experiences of other industrialized nations that have tried systems very similar to what is being proposed in America. While this is certainly not a comprehensive list, it covers the causes most frequently identified by “experts” on all sides of the political fence.

A good physician never prescribes medicine without first giving the patient a complete examination. If this list does reflect the major causes of rising health care costs (which I believe it does), then any real “solution” to the health care crisis must address most, if not all, of these problems.


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