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People are calling for more legislation (however, at the time of writing, we are still unsure how many weapons were legally bought).If he did buy these weapons legally, what is the solution that will be put out there?

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To start out, I want to say that I'm a Constitutional purest: I believe the rights given in the Bill of Rights are absolute and there should be no exceptions or asterisks attached to them. Hate speech, kneeling during the anthem, and the assembly of radical people are protected, period.

After the terror attack in Charlottesville, VA, last August, there were some advocates that said the assembly of white supremacists and KKK members was a call to action (think of the "yelling 'bomb' in a crowded theater to incite panic" scenario).

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Average Americans who are entitled to their own privacy have been violated by the growing arm of the federal government for the sake of national security. Can the American people afford the right to keep and bear arms in our modern day and age?

The Las Vegas shooter passed every background check and legal question that was thrown at him for at least a few of the firearms that were present.Since then, everyone from the local college know-it-all to the big government advocate-in-chief and alleged "comedian" Jimmy Kimmel has weighed in.I have heard a lot of arguments from all sides about guns, the apparent terror organization known as the NRA, and what else the government can do to keep us safe.Life always has enslavement, and we have to learn to live with it.Disclaimer: This is just a free sample of the research paper, or part of the research paper on the given topic you have found at Prof But this is a bad thing because everyone thinks differently, so what may be freedom for one person, might not be for another.So different people within a society will clash, which is bad.This freedom is very important to many peoples, and nations have been fighting for it.This is when a large number of citizens are considered inferior and the law itself discriminates against these citizens. For example, in South Africa about 100 years ago, black and Asian people were not allowed to walk on the pavement without a pass, and prohibited to walk at night.However, this argument can be expanded into a much larger conversation: what about the other God-given rights that the American people have?Have the rights that the Bill of Rights protect become too dangerous to exist in the modern day United States?


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