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This is because trees are cut down because there is a pressing need to do so.Thus, to prevent deforestation we must try to reduce that need by making smarter choices in paper usage, city planning, migration, etc.

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There was a time when the earth was full of forests.

This act of cleaning the green cover is known as deforestation.

Educate people: The best way to handle the problem of deforestation is by making sure that we educate the masses regarding the importance of green cover.

Deforestation brings about a lot of unexpected effects on the earth and results in many negative consequences.

"If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world's rain forests will vanish within 100 years-causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet," according to NASA's Earth Observatory.

Conclusion: The essence of plant life in the forest is unquestionable.

To ensure a greener environment we must all join the efforts in reducing deforestation.

It is important for students to understand the importance of trees and the harmful effects of deforestation.

Therefore we have come up with short essays for students which shall enlighten them on this sensitive topic.


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