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4) Christmas is the time when people spend time with their family and friends for baking cookies, cakes, preparing dinner and sharing gifts.

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6) People dressed in Santa Claus costumes and distributing gifts are very common sightings during the festival.

7) People visit churches and offer prayers to the lord and seek their blessings for their happiness and prosperity.

8) The celebration continues till New Year and also after few days to celebrate some more occasions related to Christmas.

9) The main celebration commences one day before Christmas, on 24 We have provided here an additional set of 10 lines on Christmas for class 2 students which will help them to amplify your thinking on the topic and you can incorporate these lines in your essays, speeches or paragraph recitation in your classes.

6) Friends and neighbors portray Santa Clause by wearing his costume and distribute gifts to children and spread happiness.

7) People organize feasts on the occasion of Christmas with mouthwatering delicacies and invite friends and family members to rejoice.Please go through these points and efficiently improve your writing: December every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.2) People light candles in their homes and churches symbolizing Christ who spread light in the world and triumphed over the darkness of sin.3) The nativity of Christmas is the depiction of the birth of Jesus by using various idols or through art and paintings, which is very common scenario on Christmas.4) Christmas is celebrated for twelve days known as Twelvetide, which celebrates the nativity of Jesus, from 25 January.Kindly go through the points and recite them during the school function to earn laurels. 2) We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas. 6) Children wait for Santa Clause to visit their house.3) People sing, dance, and meet each other during Christmas. 7) Santa drops gifts for the children in the middle of the night.7) 24 December which is the Christmas Eve, has many customs and traditions and people go to Midnight Mass Church Service on the occasion.8) The evergreen Fir tree is used as Christmas tree and is decorated with ornaments, tinsels, gifts etc on the occasion.Following are the 10 lines on Christmas for class 1 students which will help them to understand about the festival and how it is celebrated by the people of Christian religion in various countries.These 10 points will help students, their parents or teachers to help their kids and students respectively.


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