Environmental Studies Essay

Still, you can always choose a third option and combine everything, but take into consideration that in this case you will need much more time to read literature about both parts. You may choose ecological problems and write about air pollution, global warming and trash in the oceans, inventing new ways to eliminate harm done to our planet by humanity.

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Art History and Visual Culture Studies Anthropology 101 Becoming Human: an introduction to Anthropology (4 credits)An introduction to foundational approaches in anthropology with an emphasis on understanding the human condition in broad historical, material, and cross -cultural contexts.

Drawing on key ideas such as cultural relativism, human diversity, evolution, language, and "Othering," case studies will explore the interplay between material and biological factors and particular social conditions for producing diverse ways of life.

This course builds on Anthropology 201, but it is not required.

May be elected as Environmental Studies 259, but must be elected as Environmental Studies 259 to satisfy the interdisciplinary course requirement in environmental studies.

Using ethnographies and films, this course looks at changing ideas about cosmos, the individual, family, gender, social relations, ethnicity, politics, and the state from late imperial times to the present.

Anthropology 258 Peoples of the Tibeto-Burman Highlands (4 credits)An introduction to the society and culture of the Tibetan, Yi, Naxi, Jingpo, and other peoples living in the region of southwest China, northern Mianmar (Burma), and Tibet.

How do approaches to development that take seriously nature-culture connections address issues of indigenous livelihoods and sustainability and in what ways do they fail?

Readings will draw from anthropology, geography, global health, political theory, journalism, and history.

Usually there is a lot of space to go, but it is very important not to repeat something done before you, and in environmental science it is an extremely easy way to do.

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