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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.You can view samples of our professional work here.In this article, we would aid your efforts at writing by making a list of about 50 examples of problem solution essay topics, as well as the ideas one could come up with that could go beyond academic scope and have tangible community impact.

Environmental Problem And Solutions Essay Ideas For An Argumentative Essay

Volcanic eruptions are another issue that causes global warming.For instance, a single volcanic eruption will release amount of carbon dioxide and ash to the atmosphere.Once carbon dioxide increase, the temperature of earth increase and greenhouse trap the solar radiations in the earth.Global warming is a rise in the surface temperature of the earth that has changed various life forms on the earth.The issues that cause global warming are divided into two categories include “natural” and “human influences” of global warming.Finally, methane is another issue that causes global warming. Methane is more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere that carbon dioxide by 20 times. For instance, it can be from cattle, landfill, natural gas, petroleum systems, coal mining, mobile explosion, or industrial waste process.Human influence has been a very serious issue now because human do not take care the earth.This type of essay deals with identifying an existent issue, challenge or problem in our society and tangible ways to fix them.Besides being very educative and intriguing, a problem solution essay ideas open doors towards a good cause like a relief program in a developing country.By default, they all provide a training ground for US students, not depending on their university, who need to perfect their writing skills. Hence, their topics should be chosen carefully and accordingly.Problem solution essay topics are of particular interest as they are used to heading problem-solution essays.


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