English Fairy Tales Story Cap O Rushes Essay

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Writers began to prove that continuing these stories not only reverts a person back to their childhood, but it carries out different values meant to gain through them.I personally agree that fairytales are told to gain life lessons.The history of the fairy tale is particularly difficult to trace, because only the literary forms can survive.

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Thus the oral fairy tale may have existed for at least that long, although not perhaps recognized as a Fairy tales of the past were disturbing by todays standards and were in effect a way of teaching children and adults alike things to watch out for in the way in which the world works.

For example, little red riding hood, in which the young girl strays from the path to grandma's house and ends up in bed with the wolf who 'eats her up' referring to a sexual act rather than just the act of physically eating her.

The Brothers Grimm rejected several tales for their collection, though told orally to them by Germans, because the tales derived from Perrault, and they concluded they were thereby This consideration of whether to keep Sleeping Beauty reflected a belief common among folklorists of the 19th century: that the folk tradition preserved fairy tales in forms from pre-history except when "contaminated" by such literary forms, leading people to tell inauthentic tales.

The rural, illiterate, and uneducated peasants, if suitably isolated, were the folk and would tell pure folk tales.

Although various people have come up with theories, but no one really knows why we continue these stories.

Jonathan Young wrote an essay for Inside Journal magazine called “Once Upon a Time, How Fairytales Shape Our Lives.” In his essay he began to explain why he believed that we continue to tell these stories or fairytales.Sometimes they regarded fairy tales as a form of fossil, the remnants of a once-perfect tale.However, further research has concluded that fairy tales never had a fixed form, and regardless of literary influence, the tellers constantly altered them for their own purposes. Andersen's work sometimes drew on old folktales, but more often deployed fairytale motifs and plots in new tales.As we grew older we generally like to be reverted back to this time when genuine happiness came from just about anything that could be imagined.or "fairy tale romance", though not all fairy tales end happily.The stylistic evidence indicates that these, and many later collections, reworked folk tales into literary forms.Such literary forms did not merely draw from the folktale, but also influenced folktales in turn.As a kid I would often experience this type of effect when I was told a fairytale.The meaning behind saying that a little bit of nothing meant a whole lot of something to us simply says that we valued the content rather than the meaning of the tale.One of the reasons he says is that fairytales take us back to a place of innocence as a kid.I think that when we do tell fairytales that it does allow us to go back to the time where a little bit of nothing meant a whole lot of something to us.


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