Energy Conservation Research Paper

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Resources for energy The various resources of energy are primarily electricity, solar, hydro energy processes, oil and gases, wood etc.The myriad forms of energy resources have been indiscriminately used by the people at large, including household and business units.

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The approach often proposed to achieve this is also twofold i.e.

through development and use of energy efficient technologies or by simply reducing our levels of energy services consumption.

Though the imperative to conserve energy is as old as the use of energy itself (Wulfinghoff, n.d...

.) it......which will translate into economic growth.

Alternative energy sources conserve the environment. Global warming will be contained if incentives are increased.

The government should promote the use of different energy sources to diversify the economy dependence on one energy source has negative effects on the economy.However, when the Wall Street stock market collapsed in 1929 the ‘golden age’ abruptly came to an end (Sanders 5). With the value of stocks plummeting, numerous Americans faced the possibility of living in poverty.Furthermore, a huge number of employees were laid off (Otis 3). Energy conservation and an environmental problem within it Energy conservation in general is done for two fundamental purposes: to decrease environmental pollution and to preserve resources for the future generations.Introduction: - In a vastly deteriorating environment and with numerous species nearing extinction, federal law, s and individuals feel the responsibility of conserving the environment for future generations.One example of collaboration between the above mentioned members of community is conservation easement.Deforestation and migration of population has dramatically changed the dynamics of growth.It has not only adversely impacted the environment but scholars have also asserted that that extreme weather conditions and natural calamities are much greater when they occur in regions having poor infrastructure, huge populations etc. Factors that promote energy conservation and preservation It has become important that one is able to constructively contribute towards environmental conservations and social issues which have considerable impact on the sustainable development.A conservation easement usually takes place between individuals, governments or not for profit organizations. There has also been question over the possibility of depletion of current fossil fuel reserves, where only certain states are able to produce these fossil fuels on a commercial scale and supply them to the rest of the world making them their chief economy driver.There are different types of fuel that fall under either fossil or renewable and each has its own distinct characteristics setting it apart from the other. Getting out of the Great Depression: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps Introduction The United States was booming at the latter part of the 1920’s. Numerous Americans began to invest in stocks, and as stock value increased, more and more Americans became well-off. was on the verge of falling into the Great Depression that was to endure for an entire decade.The consumption pattern plays significant part in the energy conservation process not only within household but also in industrial contexts.The following are few strategies that promote energy conservation: Behavioral strategy based on information and motivation Dissemination of relevant information greatly empowers the society and helps inculcate habit of energy conservation within the daily routine of the people.


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