Employee Retention Essay

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Department heads, assistants and employees be capable of cross-train either inside the department or in different departments.

With support, employees can have a day’s training in the role of subdivision heads ("King for the day").

The results exposed that cross training significantly prevents turnover.

Key Words: Employee cross training, Employee Retention, Retailing Industry, Employee Training Employee retention means various things to various people in each organization.

Your star employee, once a dynamo, once willing, able and eager to tackle any task, no longer shows that drive.

The problem may be outside personal problems – whereupon you have the obligation to help him through that period.

Employee retention is the leading problem, which all organizations are now facing in the international aggressive environment.

While soaring employee turnover reflects on squat morale and be short of of motivation, entertainingly, seen from a different angle the nonappearance of turnover rapidly results in de-motivation because the opportunity of lateral and forward-motivation is out of action from employees.

These techniques lead to great motivation throughout the company.

Employee cross training Vs other motivational technique:( Granier, T.


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