Emotional Intelligence Essay

The author suggests that self-awareness produces social awareness and self control.The two on the other hand are responsible for breeding social skills in a person.To this end, Goleman (1998) states that EI is the combination of “emotional centers of the brain (the limbic system) and the cognitive centers (prefrontal cortex)”.

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Over the years, analysts have drawn a fine distinction between Intelligence Quotient and Emotional intelligence while stating that people with high EI are able to cope and relate with others better than people who have high IQ but are devoid of high EI levels. However, they are yet to device ways through which IE can be measured.

The different instruments available for measuring the same sometimes overlap or divulge thus making it hard for ordinary people to know just what is the appropriate tool of measurement (Cherniss & Goleman, 2001).

This regards viewing one-self accurately and even seeking opinions regarding one’s behaviors from others.

Citing Daniel Goleman, Mersino (2007) identifies self-assessing people as those who are conscious of their strengths and weakness; reflect and learn from past experiences; open to feedback, lessons, perspectives and beneficial comments; and possess a sense of humor towards their achievements and failings.

Citing Gardner (1983), Goleman (1998) identifies seven categories of intelligence.

They are: Intrapersonal, interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, visual/spatial, logical/mathematical and verbal/linguistic.

It is believed that people with high EI are not only good in knowing and understanding themselves, but are also able to sense and respect other people’s emotions.

More to this, Serat (2009) argues that high EI people are more optimistic, affable and resilient than people who have lower EI.

Mersino (2007) for example argues that getting in touch with one’s feeling is a good starting point to developing EI.

Further, the author states that self-awareness can be learnt.


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