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Her prison officer decided to flood Emily’s cell with ice-cold water in an attempt to force her out. The public were in uproar at this appalling treatment from the prison wardens and Emily, who took the case to court, was awarded forty shillings compensation.

Emily rapidly became head steward of the WSPU and gave up work to dedicate more time and effort to “the Cause”.

She was quite the activist; Emily was one of the suffragettes who were found hiding in air ducts within the House of Commons, apparently just listening in to Parliament (she did this three times); she threw metal balls labelled “bomb” through windows and was sent to prison six or seven times in four years!

For example a very wealthy female land owner could not vote however her male staff could.

Emily Davison became a follower of the suffragettes, and believed there policy of women were being treated as second class citizens.

Emily had pushed her way through the crowds and slipped underneath the protecting rail.

As Anmer came around this final corner, he could not avoid thundering into Emily as she stood in front of him, holding the suffragette flag close to her.

The Women’s Social and Political Unit (WSPU), founded by Emmeline Pankhurst, caught Emily’s interest and she soon became a radical member.

A more militant offshoot of the original National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), the WSPU expressed the view that by disallowing women the vote, the state was classing them as second-rate citizens.

She was sent to prison twice in 1909, each time for two months, once for attempting to enter a room where the Chancellor of the Exchequer was delivering a speech and once for hurling rocks.

Both of these trips to prison ended early when she went on hunger strike.


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