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Real examples of your achievement are a great element to include in this section of a cover letter.Feel free to mention any challenges you’ve overcome.

My employer thought me to be an excellent employee, as I [EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS].

My employment at [COMPANY NAME]– as well as other [COMPANY NAMES]–has attuned me to the necessities of clear communication, thoroughness, and working with accuracy and efficiency.

I believe I would make an excellent [POSITION APPLIED] as I would bring to the position not only my skills, but great [ATTRIBUTE] and [ATTRIBUTE].

I will simply suggest that you get in there, quickly endear yourself to the recipient, and then spell out, specifically, how and why you make perfect sense for the role you’re pursuing. If you can pull it off with a one-page cover letter, absolutely. So long as you’re peeling out any and all unnecessary blabber, knock yourself out.

(And this article tells you how to cut it down to make it as effective as possible.) For the email, again, get to the point and don’t be redundant if you’re also attaching a cover letter. Nail the big stuff, sweat the details that truly matter, and get right to the business of making your grand entrance, well, one that’s grand.


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