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He first sailed to America in 1578 and then in 1585 attempted to sponsor the first English colony there, which failed.

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He persuaded the king to release him in exchange for a fortune in gold that he would find in the Orinoco.

He was unsuccessful and his son was killed when they attacked a Spanish settlement, violating an agreement with the king.

There were rumors about ” – his company of astronoms, traveller, dukes. In 1603 he was accused of conspiracy and sentenced to death.

Themes: dying, friendship, politics – about society s.

As with other Elizabethans, his poetry was somewhat secondary to his other activities, but he was technically skilled and, like Wyatt, an enthusiast of the Italian sonnet (?

-1607)was born in Somersetshire and was educated at Oxford, but left before taking a degree.Denounced as a heretic, he inadvertently avoided further action against him by being murdered in a tavern brawl.While he is most famous as the first great English playwright ( (1554-1618) was born in Devon, educated at Oxford and studied law in London.Quick-tempered and quarrelsome, he made many enemies and was imprisoned several times for misconduct.Arrested on false charges of treason, he was executed in 1547.He became connected with a company of actors for whom he wrote plays.He was also said to be a secret agent and to have led the adventurous life typical of English agents. Henry VIII Tudor established a new church under the guidance of the Crown. Reacted to Marlow’s Come to live with me and be my love by non-sentimental 'If all the world and love were young , - Most of his poetry has been lost. Inspired by Chaucer, used archaisms, liked history. His method brought him the first place among poets after Chaucer. His allegory and his conception of the poet is too distant for us today. The Defence of Poesie - the first English essay of literary criticism. Strongly influenced by the 16 - Contributed to effort of Tudor’s poets to make English language for poetry.He was convicted of plotting against Elizabeths successor, James I, and was sentenced to deathcommuted to a life sentence in the Tower of London, where much of his writing was done in the 13 years that followed.This contained many poems, but most of them have been lost.


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