Effects Of Residential Schools Essay

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Winnipeg celebrates Manito Ahbee festival that performs religious dances and talks about how to make a change for aboriginal peoples future.

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In the article “Feds used native kids as guinea pigs” by Paul and Weber, it is explained how the Canadian government saw Aboriginal children to be so inferior that they funded scientific experiments on them without regarding of the consequences that may arise from the result of the many experiments.

“researchers suggested those problems -“so long regarded as inherent or hereditary traits in the Indian race”- were in fact the results of malnutrition.

“Native Children were forcibly put into schools where the standard forms of assimilation included: forbidden to speak their Native language, forbidden to practice cultural ceremonies, and condemnation of cultural beliefs.” (Mrs. By 1920 it was made mandatory for all Aboriginal children to go to residential schools, which was amended by the Indian Act.

The residential schools are home to many atrocities that are the original cause for many Aboriginal problems that are still present now.

In 1497 John Cabot discovers Newfoundland and records that the people living there (aboriginal) looked like they were suited for labour, that they were taller (would make good slaves)and that they were savage, but before leaving he establishes the fur trade, which is the limit of European and aboriginal relationship. The mutual curiosity of both nation’s lifestyle is what eventually brought them together.

Over the passing of time, the relationships between the two nations evolved to a European dominated Country where First Nations are assimilated into European ways of life.

For this review, nine databases were used: Bibliography of Native North Americans, Canadian Health Research Collection, CINAHL, Google Scholar, Indigenous Studies Portal, Pub Med, Scopus, Statistics Canada, and Web of Science.

Citations that did not focus on health and residential school among a Canadian Indigenous population were excluded.

Colonial history in Canada has evolved from a very Bias country condemning First Nation peoples to be inferior to Europeans to what Canada is now, a country recovering from past mistakes and recognizing the mistakes the whole country has made to all indigenous people.

Throughout the years Canadians have become more educated about the lack of difference between aboriginal peoples and other ethnicities, Canadians have learnt that the problems aboriginal peoples face are mainly caused by a chain effect originating from European racism.


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