Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

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- Applications of research and theory on memory to education.

- Applications of research and theory on cognitive psychology to education.

One of your tasks when writing a dissertation is to explain how your research affects the current field of knowledge in the subject.

The following suggestions should help you come up with some interesting ideas: There is another important thing you need to consider when choosing a topic for your dissertation.

- Scholarship relating to educational psychology in the professions, including research on the training of educational psychologists practicing in applied settings.

- Advances in instructional design or empirical examinations of best practices in instructional design.Select several questions you are interested in, so that your professor can help you with choosing one and formulating it in scientific language.Educational psychology is a multidisciplinary field, drawing on science from areas of the social sciences such as human development, education, sociology and anthropology, human factors and ergonomics, genetics and biopsychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology and quantitative psychology.The goal of Educational Psychology is to leverage the best science in all these relevant disciplines to better understand the psychology and practice of education.We seek to represent all areas of educational psychology scholarship and practice.It must either cover some existing blank or introduce a new issue that can affect the subject as a whole. You will not be able to cover it fully, and your paper’s quality will fall because of this.You need to do some preliminary research and determine how much information is available on the subject you are interested in.These areas include, but are not limited to: - Assessment of human learning, exceptionality, achievement and aptitude, and intelligence, including both practical/applied and theoretical aspects.- The psychology of instruction, teaching and learning, both in formal and non-formal settings.- Issues relating to human development across the lifespan, particularly as they apply to educational settings.- Applications of research on biological factors as they relate to education.


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