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Allowing both processes to intercede may demoralize the art of our writing.Editing is for anyone and everyone who writes, especially professionally.In an interview published in 39 times before he was satisfied.The first draft is where it starts, but even after you place the lid back on your pen, or press print – the process is far from over.The end of writing (and re-writing) marks the beginning of editing your work.Some of the most common are: These errors may be small, but they make all the difference as to how your work will pen out in its final form. It is crucial that someone else, other than yourself helps you read through your work before you submit to any publications.It’s the smallest details that convey the type of writer you are and will be. Whether it is a professional editor or a trusted writer-friend, getting someone else to read and edit your work is always helpful, as they tend to be able to notice the mistakes that you’ve missed.After re-reading your work a couple of times, the structure and sentences of your work will become so familiar that the easiest mistakes will just slide past your eyes.Taking a break will allow you to come back to your work with a fresh perspective.This way, technicalities such as spelling, grammar and punctuation are magnified and more easily spotted. Speed-reading through your work will not help the editing process.Reading your work aloud will also sound different compared to when you read it in your mind.


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