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Remember that you can always modify it or narrow the subject so that it becomes easier to write the essay. It’s essential that you explore all aspects related to them. It’s a good idea to perform a simple online search before you make up your mind, as this will give you an idea of the number and types of sources and other helpful materials which will be available to you. Find out as much as possible about the two objects that you will be comparing.

In the block approach, you will have to discuss points (i), (ii), and (iii) with respect to A in the first three body paragraphs, and the same points with respect to B in the next three body paragraphs.

This way, the en-block approach for compare and contrast essays will determine the number of body paragraphs that your essay includes.

However, the two approaches differ in the organisational structure of your compare and contrast essay.

Simply put, while the introduction and the conclusion for both the approaches for compare and contrast remains the same, the body paragraphs are structured differently for the two approaches.

A compare and contrast essay is one of the most common forms of essay writing assignments for students.

For compare and contrast essays, you will need to find out the common points or characteristics between two or more subjects that you will form the comparative analysis on and then identify the similarities and points of difference between those common points.

The block approach for compare and contrast essay follows the rational pattern of discussing the main points in the light of one element and then the other, all listed in neat paragraphs within the body, and following a logical sequence.

For example, let us assume there are two elements, namely A and B, that form the mainframe of the compare and contrast essay and there are three points of similarity and contrast among them.

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