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Enable Ireland AT Service and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland have collaborated to produce a free learning resource outlining free and low cost apps and software to support literacy.

To access the module just follow the link below and click the “Login as Guest” button. id=586 This free module is available in a number of formats if you would like to use it on your own blog or website.

It is also available in SCORM format for use in schools or colleges own Learning Management Systems (Moodle etc.) (contact [email protected]).

Voice recognition software, which was originally designed so that astronauts could use computers while tucked up in their space suits, is ideally suited for older students and adults who have to produce extended pieces of written work such as long essays.

All instructions can be given verbally; the computer will type as you speak.

Most tablets and smartphones now include in-built voice recognition features, which can be used to write emails and text messages and also can be used with word processing apps.

There are several very low-cost voice recognition apps on the market, with Voice Dictation (Apple) and Olympus Dictation (Android) being two examples.The following programmes are outlined for information purposes; their inclusion does not constitute a recommendation: Screen readers are also a very useful tool for supporting writing. Commercial software packages such as Ghotit, Ginger, Claro Read and Text HELP Read&Write have a range of features such as homophone checkers, word prediction and phonetic spellcheckers.They also have more sensitive punctuation and grammar checks than would be available on MS Word.This facility also helps students who have sequencing difficulties as it is easy to edit the text so as to rearrange the sequence.Forgotten information can simply be added in later, or a paragraph moved to improve the flow of the passage.Stay Organized and Manage Your Time Dyslexia can add hours to simple reading assignments and math problems.Setting aside time to complete projects is very important.Using special dotted (digitized) paper, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen wil remember everything you write and hear.Notability is an audio note-taking app that functions in a very similar way to the Livescribe pen.Fifth-grade teacher Kyle Redford remembers with emotion the day she unwittingly put an i Pad in the hands of one of her 10-year-old dyslexic students, a day she called “a complete game changer.” While the rest of the class was working in a writers workshop, she handed the student an i Pad and told him to try and experiment with its speech-to-text feature.With minimal expectations, Redford figured that the newness and the boy’s curiosity would at least keep him busy during writing time, which he usually found frustrating.


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