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Remember it is brand new having sat in a crate since 1999 in New York.-USA You're going think I am being a smart ass but you need to look. Pull the tank, open the air box or look at the linkage is the throttle springing open by itself?On starting up, the throttle starts to scream engine for no reason and can only be resolved by kill switch.

I have heard of issues with emulsion tubes wearing out, this would be the part the needle is sliding in and out of that gets fuel from main. None of the fuel circuits exists by itself, they all overlap a bit, with one circuit predominating but the others still contributing a bit.

Sometimes the main and needle are so very close but that slow jet is not and it gives that little bit it needs at the right time, when making transitions. -Fuel filter is a possible source, some folks have had issues with fuel lines in tank rupturing thus fuel pressure goes to hell.

Of course this is also a symptom of main selection. The good news is that carb parts are not very expensive. Regulator rectifier is not immune from issues if batt not kept up to snuff. This weekend I came home from a long ride with oil sprayed all over the back end and wheel.

Today I was riding my 2002 998 Ducati and had a sudden loss of power. I was nursing it back to my house and I would get power back for a second then lose it again. It appears as if it has leaked from somewhere on the left side of the bike heavily enough around the front sprocket to wet the chain...

If there is oil in there you have a known oil issue with the 998 engine see your dealer immediately. I have a 94 600ss which after a costly rebuild at the local dealer because of a gearbox bearing failure has developed what could only be described as a supercharger like noise coming from the engine.

This problem is excessive blow by the piston cylinder rings and oil get pushed out the crank case vent and into the air box. The noise does not go away with the clutch in and follows the engine through the rev range.

To promptly restart the bike, the fuel cap needs to be released. I am trying to convert my 1998 916 from Biposto to mono and am have a problem with the new placement of the ECU.

I have a set of Termignonis w/chip but it still stalls? My wiring harness is too short to properly place the the ECU. Our local Ducati representatives don't know what to do.

Could be bad battery, need high 12VDC at start usually, if in low 12s battery is weak for any of a variety of reasons, again Electrex site has great troubleshooting section.

Sounds like the connector on the starter solenoid (the small white one) has come loose. Another culprit may be a bad, dirty or loose battery terminal. Just uncrated brand new 1999 900ss that was set up by out of state dealer and supposedly checked over.


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