Drugs Sports Research Papers

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RISM mainly focuses on sports injury prevention and treatment, exercise for health, drugs in sport and recommendations for training and nutrition.

RISM Journal harnesses the tremendous scientific and clinical resources of sports medicine to develop articles reviewing recent and important advances in the field that have clinical relevance.

Doping remains an ongoing problem in competitive sports, but researchers have never before asked athletes to rank the effectiveness of available anti-doping strategies. Concussions are common injuries among contact sport athletes.

While most athletes experience full recovery within a few weeks and can return to their sport, according to a new study, female athletes ...

"This research looked at 26 of the most controlled and some of the most popular sports, including various track and field events like 100m sprints, hurdles, high jump, long jump and shot-put, as well as some winter sports like speed skating and ski jumping.

"The average best life records for 'doped' top athletes did not differ significantly from those considered not to have doped.

"The 2000 Olympics gold medal result for the women's 100m sprint was even poorer than the gold medal obtained in the 1968 Olympics, the first year of doping testing in the Olympics," Dr Hermann says.

"This research demonstrates that doping practices are not improving results and in fact, may be harming them -- seemingly indicating that 'natural' human abilities would outperform the potentially doping 'enhanced' athletes -- and that in some sports, doping may be highly prevalent," he says.

First, a harm reduction approach better accommodates the competitive realities of sports and the impact of elite sports’ emphasis on performance at all costs.

Second, HR prioritises athlete welfare over sport and brand reputation.


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