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Drama for Life’s Ph D programme We are here to support you in your Ph D study from concept paper (pre-application) to final submission.

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You could go into a detailed analysis of a particular learning theory and contribute to this field of study with your own observations, or research the most effective instructional tools and techniques for a particular type of learner.

How can differentiated instruction be used to accommodate the needs of students with a wide range of abilities?

Since its establishment as a department in the Wits School of Arts in 2013, Drama for Life adopted a strategy to increase its research output by growing its Ph D cohort from one Ph D candidate in 2014 to 8 candidates in 2016 with an expected increase to 13 candidates in 2017.

Drama for Life’s postgraduate strategy is in line with one of the strategic objectives articulated in Wits Vision 2022: to “Significantly improve the research output in terms of quality, quantity and impact while continuing to develop research capacity across the university - producing basic and applied research of high quality in abundance”.

Fortunately, controversial topics make for good dissertations.

Some of the issues you can investigate when it comes to inclusion include: • Is inclusion more about political correctness than education?Some of the specializations you might consider are ADHD studies, theories of autism and autism spectrum disorders, the types and effectiveness of inclusion programs in schools, various kinds of therapies (such as music or play therapy), the role of parents in special education, or the difference in educational policies between two geographic areas.Within these broad areas, you can develop even more specific research plans. Finding an acceptable topic that is neither too general, nor too idiosyncratic is a challenge you will face with your dissertation committee.In today's world, technology is a permanent fixture in the classroom.Both the benefits and drawbacks are readily apparent to educators, and this is one area you can explore in your dissertation.What you can expect from the programme: We have the following spaces available for Ph D use: 1. However, if you do need a dedicated workspace, there are such spaces available at the Wits post graduate centre. A studio space for creative research and performance labs.We look forward to welcoming you at Drama for Life’s Ph D programme.How do you adjust your teaching strategies or classroom environment to engage students with different learning styles?Review the many varieties of student learning to determine which one holds the most interest.Consider exploring the concepts related to blended learning, skill-based grouping, and tiered instruction to decide which approach demands more investigation.Your dissertation might examine the effects these instructional approaches have on learning among students with various sensory challenges or cognitive functioning delays. This course on classroom management is full of potential dissertation topics, including approaches to discipline, methods for motivating students, and culturally responsive classroom management techniques. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.


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