Dorian Gray Essay

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The damage is done when the poison from the drink strikes her heart and stops her breath.

Consequently, Dorian realizes that he indirectly murdered Sibyl Vane and this consciousness causes a weakness of his consciousness.

Assuredly, damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences.

Wilde characterizes Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Howard, and the portrait of Dorian Gray as contributors to Dorian’s tragic downfall, which suggests influence comes with an onerous price.

(Joseph, 2008), this can be based on money one has acquired, the education or talent in a certain field. Throughout the novel, there is little or no sense or evidence of old crafts or behaviorsthat cannot be seen in the current life. The novel was written over a hundred years ago, yet it still displays current human behavior and thoughts.(Wild and Moira,2005). This setting can be considered to be normal, and it is what can ordinarily happen in life.

People with special education, such as chemists, for example, are sought for. In the current life, chemists have a certain education and can therefore carry out specific tasks.(Wild,2007).This makes the culture of the current world (David,2005).Social setting of relationships and frustrations are major.At her performances, Dorian is astonished by Sibyl’s wonderful voice.In their case, Dorian serves as the influence to which Sibyl wholeheartedly devotes her entire being.Dorian shows that he fears for his life when he takes off.Towards the end of the novel, Dorian stabs his portrait only to have himself killed and with an old body. When Sibyl commits suicide after being heartbroken, her brother is angry. People who recognize him want him to be punished.(Anon,1978). Conclusion Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray depicts a character that barters his soul for eternal youth, and in turn, engages in murder, scandal, and drug abuse.Dorian converts into a creature that only seeks true beauty in the form of art, which he finds in the poor actress Sibyl Vane.When Dorian damps his lover because she cannot act any more she commits suicide. Dorian wants to kill anybody who is out to expose his real personality.An angry brother of his dead lover, Sibyl, wants to kill him because he broke heart of his sister.


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