Dominant Impression Essay

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Tell a story, include descriptive language, and tell that story to try to define who and what you are, or who you would like to become, for someone who does not know you. Focusing on a thesis: I always say that once you have the thesis statement down, the rest of the essay will write itself. Tell us what the places where your narrative happened look like, smell like, sound like. Shaping your introduction and conclusion: Here’s my simplified advice: Open your essay with something that will make people want to read it.

Drafting: The directions in your text are excellent. If you have been taught to use a three-part thesis statement, you’re welcome to do so in this class. After you’ve blocked out the story that defines you, add some descriptive writing.

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To sum up, a name is--or can be--a part of a dominant impression.

It can be used to shape our readers expectations about a character, who they are, how they will act and react.

One of the most effective ways of using tags and traits is through formulating a dominant impression for each character.

In this chapter I'm going to go over what a dominant impression is and how it achieves its effect.

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